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Devoro thinks differently, challenging the status quo in thrombectomy. Significant improvements in patient outcomes start with a unique & disruptive idea to solve a tough clinical problem, culminating in a simple & effective procedural solution. That’s what Devoro Medical is all about.

The genesis of every company is the idea behind it.

Ours is simply redefining the treatment paradigm for patients with peripheral artery occlusions, DVT, or pulmonary embolism. How can we solve the shortcomings of traditional technologies, improve patient outcomes, and expand the number of patients who can benefit from peripheral endovascular thrombectomy? We were intrigued by the advantages of proximal clot ingestion with aspiration technology. The benefits were clear, but so were the limitations: blood loss, limited clot ingestion force, and limited ability to ingest organized clot among them.

Taking the benefits of proximal clot ingestion, we aimed at removing these obstacles, and our mechanical conveyor technology with the proprietary Devortex™ Sleeve was born. No longer limited by the clot ingestion force of typical aspiration technology, the WOLF Thrombectomy System efficiently removes both soft and organized clot – with no thrombolytics and no blood loss.

Devoro is privately held and was formed in 2018.

Board of Directors

Erik Engelson

Shangbay Capital and CEO, Lucira Health

Casper de Clercq

General Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

Bruce Shook

CEO, Vesper Medical

Skott Greenhalgh

Co-Founder, Devoro Medical and CTO, TELA Bio

Michael P. Wallace

CEO & Co-Founder, Devoro Medical

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